Dear Parents/Guardians


I hope you all had a lovely fixture free weekend and are ready for a busy rest of the term.



Please note that we have now switched to the athletics program.  I do realise that this causes some confusion.  However, we are trying to simplify the program, so please bear with us.


This term the swimming session AFTER athletics (Monday for seniors, Wednesday for juniors) is now optional.  Please note if you do not want your child to do swimming from 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm then they must be collected at 3.30 pm.  


Just a reminder that sport in schools

  • develops skills
  • teaches team building
  • develops leadership skills
  • promotes a healthier body and strengthens muscles
  • teaches commitment
  • develops a passion for participation
  • helps children to learn to win and lose gracefully



This was a lovely event.  My thanks to Mrs Tracey Jacobs for being our guest of honour and to Mr Guzha, the staff and parents for a well organised, enjoyable event.  Thanks also to the S.P.A. for being in attendance.


Well done to all the children who participated and tried so hard.  It has been suggested we give a shield for determination in each age group.  If you are willing to donate a named shield, please let me know.



The Cross-Country team went out to Bryden for the Cotton Fields’ Cross Country.  Well done to all the children who participated.  Every participant completed the race and nearly every one of our pupils who ran last year improved their place.  This is excellent!  Our senior boys came first in their age group and Sharon School came fifth out of nine schools.  I am pleased with their effort.  My thanks to Mrs Bezuidenhout for training the team and to Mr Banda and Mr Timoni for accompanying and encouraging the team.


The team will be in action again this Friday 2 March at 2.00 pm at Lilfordia for the “Three Woods” Cross Country Event.  Parents are welcome!



Purim is the Jewish holiday which commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman.  This took place in the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire.  The story is recorded in the Book of Ester.  Haman, the royal vizier to the king planned to kill the Jews.  His plans were foiled by Mordecai, his cousin and adopted daughter Esther, who had risen to become Queen of Persia.  The day of deliverance became a day of feasting and rejoicing and sending gifts to the poor.  Purim is celebrated among Jews by –

  • exchanging reciprocal gifts of food and drink known as mishloach manot
  • donating charity to the poor known as maltanot-la-evyonim
  • eating a celebratory meal known as a Se’ud at Purim.
  • public recitation of the scroll of Esther.
  • reciting additions known as Al Ha Hissim to the daily prayers and the grace of meals.

Perhaps the most well-known food eaten during Purim is Hamentashen which is shaped to be symbolic of Haman’s hat and his triangular ears.  Hamentashen are light pastries filled with poppy seeds, fruit preserves, chocolate or caramel.


Other customs include wearing of masks and costumes.  Our children dress up and have lots of fun.  Parents are welcome to attend our Purim festival which will be organised by Mrs McCormick and Grade Four class on Friday 2nd March from 10.45 – 11.45 am.  Mr Yosi Kably will be talking to the children about the festival.  


All children, except the Cross Country team, can go home at 12 noon.  There will be no supervision after 1.15 pm.



Please note that these need to be ordered for this term, by Friday 2 March.  Please see Mrs Di Peter and place your order, $5.00 for two badges.



There has been a lot of discussion about the cleanliness of the toilets.  Please note, they are:-

  • checked early every morning and cleaned if necessary.
  • they are cleaned at approximately 1130 h and 1415 h everyday.

A few children have been caught abusing the toilet facilities.  I will be discussing toilet etiquette with the children.  Please reiterate this at home.



Fifteen of our pupils have been selected to perform for the World Choir Games in Tswane in July.  They will be accompanied by Mrs Linda Frampton.  We will be doing a cake sale as a fund raising event for them on Friday 9 March.  Please help us by providing a cake, biscuits, popcorn or sweets to sell at the school to help with expenses.  We wish the choir every success for a wonderful tour.  The tour is from 3rd – 9th July.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.



We are delighted to have so many pupils performing in the Eisteddfod and we wish them all the best.  Below is a timetable of our performers.  Parents are welcome to attend.

Tuesday 6 March 11.45 am Matthew Landman Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 11.45 am Krishay Bhikha Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 11.45 am Dario Huang Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 11.45 am Hanaa Khan Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 2.00 pm Sophie Spong Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 2.00 pm Rebecca Grau Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 2.00 pm Isabel Roberts Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 2.00 pm Jordan Ferreira Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 6 March 2.00 pm Ryan Ushewokunze Prince Edward Music Centre
Friday 9 March 2.30 pm Sasha Morgan Prince Edward Music Centre
Friday 9 March 2.30 pm Tarangariwa Mugave Prince Edward Music Centre
Tuesday 13 March 2.00 pm Junior Mixed Choir Grs 5 – 7 Twin Rivers School Hall
Thursday 15 March 2.55 pm Grade 5 Choir Twin Rivers School Hall
Friday 16 March 8.30 am Travis Goode Prince Edward Music Chapel
Friday 16 March 8.30 am Benjamin Simons Prince Edward Music Chapel
Friday 16 March 8.30 am Rebecca Grau Prince Edward Music Chapel



This will take place on Friday 16 March at 9.00 am.  All parents are welcome.



Our inter-house athletics will take place at 9 o’clock on Sunday 18th March.  This is an enjoyable event and will be followed by a S.P.A. fun day.  Please be encouraged to stay for the event and join in the fun.


A new spurt agent in Zimbabwe will be selling swimming caps, goggles, towels and swimming accessories at the inter-house athletics.  The newest product is a swim- Dri towel which is a light weight towel that dries quickly.  The towels come in a variety of colours but please remember if you are buying for school our colour is royal blue.


Size Price

70 cm x 130 cm $20.00

80 cm x 150 cm $26.00

90 cm x 150 cm $30.00



There have been some enquires about typing in computers.  The grades 1 – 4 use the Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor in class.  It is well worth practising typing at home and this course can be downloaded onto a machine or flash stick.  Please see Mr Banda if you need a copy.



Break time detentions are sometimes used when children have failed to complete their work on time.  The school would like to clarify that children are kept in for no longer than ten minutes at break time.  Regular offenders will be sent to me and parents will be notified.



Prep is available every day for children who are staying for afternoon activities.  This is supervised by a scheduled teacher.  We are aware that it takes some children a while to settle and we are working on reducing the noise level.



A wonderful morning was spent with the B. S. Leon community.  Hanaa Khan, Ryan Ushewokunze, Benjamin Simons, Travis Good and Kevin Chedondo sang solos and played their musical instruments, to a receptive audience!  My thanks to Mrs Linda Frampton for accompanying the children and to Mr Riz Khan for transporting everyone.



This is open every Wednesday from 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm.  Should you have any queries please contact Robyn Weare on +263774073186


Yours sincerely


Mrs S P Ellis


Sharon School

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