NEWSLETTER NO. 09                                 MONDAY 19 MARCH 2018



Dear Parents/Guardians


A busy week has been had by all!



Congratulations to all our children who entered the Eisteddfod:-


Woodwind Solo – Clarinet                                           Violin Solo

Grade 1            Sophie Spong 2+                                  Grade 1            Matthew Landman 3+

Isabel Roberts 3 +                                                       Krishay Bhikha 2

Grade 2           Jordan Ferreira 2+                                                      Dario Huang 2

Ryan Ushewokunze 3                           Grade 2           Hanaa Khan 1+

Hanaa Khan 3


Vocal Solo Grades 6 & 7                                              Choirs

Hanaa Khan 3                                                               Grade 5 Choir  (Sharon pupils 3, 4 &5) 2

Maitashe Chikuni 2                                                      Junior Mixed Choir 2+


Vocal Solo Musical Theatre Grades 6 & 7                   Vocal Solo Western Folk/Traditional Grades 6 & 7

Sasha Morgan 1                                                           Rebecca Grau 1

Tarangarirwa Mugabe 1                                               Benjamin Simons 1

Travis Goode 1+



Matthew Landman 3+


The Choice Choir entered in the Traditional Section and receive a 1+.  They will be performing again on Tuesday 20th March at 9.00 am, 11.05 am and 3.05 pm at Harare International School.


Just a reminder about their Harare concert on Thursday 22nd March at 5.30 pm at Hartmann House.  This will be in preparation for their tour to Bulawayo and should be a wonderful opportunity to hear and see them performing.



The final concert will be held on Saturday 24th March at 6.30 pm at Harare International School.  The Junior concert will take place on Sunday 25th March at 11.00 am at the Harare International School.



I would like to thank Mrs Frampton for her outstanding effort with teaching music over the past four years at Sharon School.  Mrs Frampton has requested to take a sabbatical next term and we wish her exciting learning, good family times and a pleasant tour with the Choice Choir.


Unfortunately her father is unwell so she has had to travel overseas.


I have been interviewing replacements for her and an announcement will be made before the end of term.



There will be a friendly Chess Match on Friday 23rd March against David Livingstone.  We hope that all our players plan their games carefully and enjoy the battle!



We had a lovely morning on Friday 16th March.  The children tried their best and provided fun entertainment.  So did the parents with their race!  My thanks to Mrs Bezuidenhout, and the Grade Sevens for overseeing this lovely morning.



The Inter-House Athletics was a wonderful event with the children trying hard and running well.  The highlight for some was the relays but for others it was the tug-of war!  Well done to all the children who participated, nine records were broken and David and Solomon shared the points for the relays.  Congratulations to David House for winning and to Solomon for trying so hard.



Mrs Natalie Shallow and the PA Committee did an outstanding job organizing the most wonderful diverse activities for the children.  My thanks to all the parents who helped and made this a very happy, successful afternoon.



A timetable for the sport this week has been sent to all parents.  My apologies for the change in the timetable.  The Athletics’ team will be practising for the inter-schools to be held at Westridge on Wednesday 21st March at 2.00 pm.  We wish our team great stamina and safe hands with the baton!


There will be hockey for the seniors on Monday and soccer for the juniors – from 2.30 – 3.30 pm.  On Wednesday there will be soccer for the seniors and hockey for the juniors.



This will be held on Thursday 22nd March.  The main aims of this event are to :

  • develop an awareness of other countries.
  • to provide fun and enjoyment for the children.
  • to give the children an opportunity to sample some foods from other countries.
  • to raise money for the magazine.



Consultation Day for Grade Seven will be on Thursday 22nd March.  For Grades One to Six this will be held on Monday 26th March.  Please remember to select your appointment time.



The Inter-Schools’ Public speaking competition will take place at Gateway Junior School on Monday 26th March at 5.00 pm.



The final Festival celebrated in the first term is Passover or Pesach.  This is a very important Festival on the Jewish calendar and the school is closed if Passover falls during a school week.  This Festival is celebrated in memory of the exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery to freedom.  The Jewish people’s hasty departure from Egypt is  marked by eating unleavened bread – matza.


The Passover Seder is a feast which symbolises the slavery and hard times experienced in Egypt and the subsequent redemption and freedom of the Jewish people.


At Sharon School, the children hear the story of the exodus from Egypt and do art and craft works and writings linked to this Festival.  The older children discuss the meaning of freedom.  A seder is held in the school with all the rituals, traditions, songs and traditional foods.  Parents are invited to attend.


The children will be baking Matza on Tuesday 27th March to celebrate this.



Harare Women’s International Society is holding their annual appeal for Winter Warmth.  If you can donate an item of warm clothing or a blanket this would be really appreciated and put to good use.  We will be collecting for the rest of the term and for May and June.



This is open every Wednesday from 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm.  Should you have any queries please contact Robyn Weare on +263774073186



Final assembly is on Wednesday 28th March at 10.00 am in the Jubilee Hall.  School closes at 11.00 am.

Let’s set some goals for ourselves and get our children to set their own goals too.


Yours sincerely


Mrs S P Ellis


Sharon School


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