NEWSLETTER NO. 08                                 MONDAY 12 MARCH 2018



Dear Parents/Guardians



Well, the rain has held off for a few days and we managed to hold a lovely Inter-house Jumps morning on Wednesday 7 March 2018.  Well done to all the children who participated in this event.  The results are as follows:-


Long Jump                                           High Jump

U/9 Girls                     Lisa Zhao                                             Lisa Zhao

U/9 Boys                     Kyron Mpofu                                        Kyron Mpofu

U/10 Girls                   Lhana Nel                                            Gabrielle Abrahams

U/10 Boys                    Nashe Pepukai                                     Naveed Benatar and Nashe Pepukai

U/11 Girls                    Rudorwashe Fungura                           Karla Geach

U/11 Boys                    Kevin Kachambwa                                 Luke Ball

U/12 Girls                   Maitashe Chikuni                                 Jorja Wells

U/12 Boys                    Jayden Mpofu                                     Jayden Mpofu

U/13 Girls                   Gugulethu Moyo (New Record)                        Hayley Ferreira

U/13 Boys                    Kody Scott                                          Kody Scott

Open Boys                   Nkosinhle Matshe                                –



The Infants’ Sports day will be held on Friday 16 March at 9.00 am.


The Inter-House Sports day for Grades 3 – 7 will be held on Sunday 18 March at 9.00 am.  All parents are welcome to attend and please remember to support the SPA carnival afterwards and share in the fun.  Each class has a stall/activity and will be raising money to aid our school.  There will be lots of entertainment and fun for all!



This is well under way and I would like to praise all the pupils who have the courage and determination to stand up on stage and perform.  The results will be in a future edition.  However, I would like at this stage to make mention of the Choice Choir who competed against senior school pupils.  They performed admirably and achieved a first plus grade.  Well done to the following pupils who make up this choir.


Matthew Bezuidenhout; Panashe Jirri; Maitashe Chikuni; Krivashinee Chingwena; Rebecca Grau; Christina-Jane Masimirembwa; Sasha Morgan; Travis Goode; Benjamin Simons; Hanaa Khan; Gugulethu Moyo; Tarangariwa Mugabe and Ryan Ushewokunze


They are a committed group and have been practising nearly every week this term.  They will be in action again on Tuesday 20th March.


Please also note that our senior choir will be performing on Tuesday 13th March at 2.00 pm at Twin Rivers School.  Our junior choir will be singing on Thursday 15th March at 2.55 pm.  These choirs are well worth listening to and I know the children appreciate your support.  My thanks to Mrs Frampton and the accompanist for their efforts.



Thank you to all the parents who provided a plate of eats for this sale.  Thank you also to Mrs Amanda Morgan and Mrs Kim Bezuidenhout for pricing and selling the goods.  Over $500.00 was raised and this will go a long way to aiding Mrs Frampton’s expenses and helping our members of the choir too.


One parent asked me if we could have a cake sale every week!  Well parents, what do you think?


Thank you to the parents who responded to the request of donating a shield for effort for cross country.  So far Mrs Nell, Mrs Grau and Dr and Mrs Mashumba have responded.  Please let myself or Mr Wimbini know if you are willing to donate a shield.



Please note that class swimming is compulsory.  Children are only excused with a doctor’s note.  If your child does not like swimming it is important that he/she gets used to the water as quickly as possible.  If costumes are left at home, then children can swim in their sports’ kit.  This is an important life lesson we need to teach our children that sometimes they have to do things they do not enjoy.  It is easy to do things that we are good at but it takes courage to do things we find hard.



Please note that the dropping-off lane is not a parking area.  Please drive slowly and carefully as our concern is the safety of all the children.



Well done to all the children who entered the Public Speaking competition.  This is another important life skill.  The top two candidates in each age group will be practising for the Inter-schools’ Competition on Monday 26th March at 5.30 pm at Gateway Junior School.



Harare Women’s International Society is holding their annual appeal for Winter Warmth.  If you can donate an item of warm clothing or a blanket this would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.  We will be collecting for the rest of the term and for May and June.



Please do not use the email address  to communicate any problems or queries you would like answered.  Please use or as these addresses are checked more regularly, thank you.



This is open every Wednesday from 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm.  Should you have any queries please contact Robyn Weare on +263774073186



Thanks to Tanya Adam for the information below on how parents can help ADHD pupils.

“Supporting Students with ADHD within a Mainstream School Setting”
by Katherine Whitfield St John’s College Da Vinci Learning Centre Coordinator and parent of an ADHD child.


Advice for parents at home…

  • Provide structure and routine
  • Teach politeness and manners
  • Develop check-lists and schedules with your child
  • Work towards rewards and incentives
  • Take time out to walk away
  • Have clear expectations of behaviour (e.g. meal-times)
  • Give your ADHD child warnings about transitions
  • Professional help – psychiatrist and medication
  • Diet, sleep and exercise
  • Explain to them how they (and you) are feeling (“I can see that this is frustrating you…”) Give them the vocabulary
  • Help your child develop a trusting relationship outside the immediate family to help explain issues to them
  • Send encouraging and loving text messages
  • Have one-on-one time with your child and one parent, doing something they enjoy
  • Be aware of how the ADHD is affecting family dynamics and other siblings
  • Be aware of being over-protective
  • and when to let go…
  • (awareness of consequences)
  • Keep a sense of humour
  • Keep a sense of perspective


In fact some good ideas for any child!


Yours sincerely



Mrs S P Ellis


Sharon School



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