NEWSLETTER NO. 01                                              Wednesday 9th January 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome back! A special welcome to all the new pupils but in particular our grade one pupils and their families. We hope your association with our school will be a long and happy one.


We have a full contingent of dedicated staff.


A copy of the Afternoon Activities programme has been sent home and a copy of the calendar will be coming shortly.


The main sport this term is athletics. Up to half term, the team sport, (cricket, tennis, swimming) are combined with cross country. In the second half of the term, team sports are replaced with athletics and the cross country team may still be called on to compete in fixtures.

There are clubs like needlework, agriculture, book, public speaking and computer. As well as paying clubs like chess, synchronised swimming, judo, BTA tennis, Electric band, Snag golf, Kidisport and extra swimming. Please check the programme for days and times and liaise directly with the coach for the paying clubs.


Please join me for tea on Thursday 17th January at 7; 00am on the front lawn for an informal get together to discuss any queries and meet other parents.


There will be a uniform and hair inspection after assembly on Monday 14th January. Boys require at least two good cuts a term.  Please ensure all clothing and stationery is labelled.

Name badges can be ordered from Mrs. Peter at a cost of $6.00 for two and should be worn every day. These need to be ordered by Friday 18th January. A reminder that all boys require a kippa for assembly and Shabbat and these can be purchased from the Thrift Shop.


Please remember to provide a packet of biscuits for home match refreshments and if you are able to provide a plate of eats for parents at home games, this would be most welcome, thank you.


The Thrift Shop will be open on Friday 11th January at 12; 00pm and then during the term every Wednesday from 12; 00pm to 1; 00pm. Should you have any queries, please contact Mrs Agatha Berry on +263775884070 or email


Monday 21st January TuB’Shvat  Tree Ceremony

Friday 25th January ‘The Encourager Cross Country’ at Gateway.

Tuesday 29th January Parents’ Association A.G.M.

We look forward to seeing you at functions during the term and meeting the new parents.


Yours sincerely

Mrs S P Ellis


Sharon School


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