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The host that hosted our website went under and with it took our website data files and the online backups of our site.
We have managed to get the site back up on a new host and paid for security service to stop us getting hacked. Over the comming months we hope to complete the rebuild and  end up in a better position than we were before.  Any inconvenience is regretted.

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If you have achieved success in your chosen sport out side school we would love to know about it. Please send us a short article on your achievements  together with photos if you have them. Remember to be an ambassador for your sport and include a section on why you like your sport and how others may become in involved (its always nice to include links to relevant web sites).  You can mail them to .


Congratulations to Carrie and Zoe for the following achievements:-



Both girls swam very well.  Zoe was placed between  12th and 24th out of the 92 in their age group, in  her various races.

Carrie was amazing and got personal bests for all of her races.


Both girls won lots of rosettes and Zoe won a trophy for winning the CC Most Points on her pony Starwood Safhari. 


Zoe was selected to ride in the Zimbabwe Children’s Team that would be travelling to Lusaka and jumping in a show there.


Zoe won the following trophies are this show

Most points for the season on Dustyberry (CE)

Best Dressage on Dustyberry (CE)

Most points for the season on Starwood Safhari (CD)

Best Dressage on Starwood Safhari (CD)

The championship event on Starwood Safhari (CD)


Once again they won lots of events (rosettes and beautiful sashes).  Carrie was reserve champion for CC champs (on Savannah) and Zoe won a trophy for being the  CC  Champion (on Starwood Safhari).


This is an international event.  Zoe was chosen to be the in the Zimbabwe FEI Children’s Team Carrie was chosen as the first reserve (they have two reserves).

There are four competitions (ridden over two days) and they combine them and they get a world ranking.  Only ten riders from Zim competed.  Zoe on one pony (Safhari) and Carrie on two (Savannah and The Wizard).   Carrie came 2nd on the first day.  She rode like a superstar!  Overall Zoe came 3rd on Safhari and Carrie came 5th on Savannah and 7th on The Wizard.

  1. :  SUNDAY 2 JUNE

Zoe and Carrie rode in the gymkhana and Carrie won their age group on Savannah and Zoe came second on Safhari.

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