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We're back - kind of!

The host that hosted our website went under and with it took our website data files and the online backups of our site.
We have managed to get the site back up on a new host and paid for security service to stop us getting hacked. Over the comming months we hope to complete the rebuild and  end up in a better position than we were before.  Any inconvenience is regretted.

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Currently we are recovering from open heart surgery. 😀

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What we would like is:-

  • Class and team photos for every year (Please email the file with the class and year)
  • Sporting Records and their holders over the years
  • The Prospectus
  • A List of the books available in the library
  • Anything you may feel is worth putting on the site.

Thank you for your support.

On the 14th of September Isabella Savo raced in the junior Max and got a first place.Ben Ferreira also raced in the same class

and got a fourth place.

 Michael Wallace , Benjamin Abson and Neeshil Dullabh competed in the Dorward Cup Golf Competition at the Royal Harare Golf Club.

Their scores were recorded as part of the Sharon school team and although they did not win the floating trophy  which 

was being awarded for the winnning school team , Michael won the individual U12 division with Neeshil being runner up.

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