Web Site

The initial version of the website published

The development plan is :-

1. Basic Functionality

1. The basic functionality of the website

2. Creation of a website development forum to discuss the development of the site.

2. Content Generation

This involves the collecting information and placing it on the website. Som of the ideas include:-

1. Sports Records

2. Jewish Holidays and School Calendar

3. Class Photographs 

4. School History

5. Information for new Parents

6. Term Timetables

7. etc

3. Awarness and Promtion

1. Access to Information 

2. How to use the website

4. Teaching Intergration

1. Use of mail platform

2. Information provision

5. Fine Tuning

1. Enhance Design and Presentation of website

2. Address any issues with current modules

3. Add additional functionality as required

6. Online Teaching Platform

1. Online Report cards

2. Online Courses

7. Continued Development and Fine tuning

1. The wish list.


Please feel free to add comments or better still login to the forum and have your say there.